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How to deliver six-figure value to virtual event sponsors

An actionable guide for event teams with plenty of easy-to-digest graphics and practical examples.

Demand for online events is surging.

This is good news for attendees, who can now participate in events that might have been inaccessible before. But it’s presented a new challenge for event organizers trying to communicate the value of online events to potential sponsors.

Are you ready for some good news?

Online events are actually very profitable for organizers and sponsors alike – organizers just have to use the right platform and clearly identify the value they’re delivering.

Having run both physical and virtual events, we’ve seen that the mix of value for sponsors is a little different online. So while brands are naturally skeptical about events, that value is still there. We sold packages ranging from $2,000 to $50,000, and we got very positive feedback about the results.
Ryan Selkis
Founder and CEO of Messari

With Hopin’s new ebook How to Deliver 6-Figure Value to Virtual Event Sponsors you’ll learn just that. In this short guide, we share five valuable ways the Hopin platform provides to help event organizers communicate the full value of a sponsorship, including:

  • How to capture granular and nuanced attendee data
  • How to amplify brand exposure
  • How to build engaging digital expo booths
  • How to create incredibly targeted messaging
  • How to deliver effective post-event follow ups

Read here an inspiring story of how one company used Hopin to secure $220,000 in sponsorship revenue.

Now you can do the same. Apply the tips, principles, and blueprints in this guide to win high-value sponsors for your next virtual event.
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