At Hopin, we frequently use our own platform for Trainings and Thought Leadership programs. Hopin's Virtual Venue provides the perfect setting for proactive, educational, and empowering events.

When new employees start their career at Hopin, they attend Hopin Academy, a multi-day event that uses all aspects of Hopin's platform. We use networking to meet other new employees, attend live, interactive presentations in the Sessions, and watch pre-recorded training videos in the Expo area.

Other organizations that are using their Hopin Training event to certify attendees on how to use their product have built quizzes directly into their event through integrations like Slido or Typeform and assess attendee participation using Hopin's reporting tools. Measuring how long a participant was active in a session, for example, can help you identify if they have met your certification requirements.

Recommended Template to use when creating your event: Workshops & Courses