Hopin is a great tool for bringing your company together for internal events including all-hands, town halls, weekly team meetings, or departmental brainstorming sessions. As organizations pivot to a hybrid model between in person and remote work, Hopin can keep your team connected. Hopin's Virtual Venue has many offerings to keep engagement up in whichever way you choose to run your internal event.

One trick we've seen work at internal company meetings and events, is starting with networking. Many companies will use the Stage for their main presentation and encourage employees to interact with the content in the Chat.  Sessions provide the perfect setting for team's to breakout from the larger group and brainstorm. You can even integrate Miro into your Session area so that your teams have a virtual whiteboard. You can also use the Expo Booths to showcase presentation decks and additional resources for your employees.

Recommended Template to use when creating your event: Webinars