Conferences on Hopin can be used for both external and internal company purposes. Using Hopin, your conference can last for up to 72 hours.

Public-facing conferences usually aim for high attendee turnout with a focus on sponsor awareness, generating leads, and product sales. Conferences on Hopin can be recurring annual or quarterly events, or a one time experience.

We often see Organizers utilize the Expo Area to build booths for their Sponsors or Vendors. These booths allow Vendors and Sponsors to capture leads when attendees choose to "register their interest" as they visit booths. The Booth setup can house prerecorded content, allow the Booth representatives to take questions on screen, or a hybrid of both.

Stages and Sessions in a conference are used to deliver content that drive the message of the event. Stages often house the most important keynote presentations, whereas Sessions are often used for Q&As, Roundtables, or other forms of interactive discussions between Speakers and Attendees.

Be sure to build some time for Networking into your Schedule, as it is a great way for your attendees to connect and have fun!

Recommended Template to use when creating your event: 
Conferences & Summits